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And since the love you feel for others is a reflection of the love you feel for yourself, this is why you feel disconnected.You have an intellectual understanding of the love you have for your girlfriend/mother/sister/boyfriend, but you can’t something, so you can’t be too depressed.” And it’s true.Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time whether or not two people are compatible? Well now you can, with the Dating Compatibility Test.You can fill out the questions for you and your sweetheart to see whether your love will bloom or crumble, or fill it out for a friend.You could even do gag matches for some humorous results.Match yourself with Johnny Depp, George Bush, your neighbor, your boss!If you keep this in mind, it can prevent you from losing patience or getting frustrated with them because your best efforts don't "cure" their depression."People that are depressed can't sleep it off; they can't avoid it," says Gollan.

But for a depressed person, the lies required for social convention are constant, and they create more and more isolation and separateness from other people.

The more depressed you are, the quieter your heart is. It’s not like you don’t have all the feelings in you; you just can’t feel them right now.

Just in case you’re tempted to worry about not having feelings. One day you’re connected to yourself, and therefore your partner too, and the next day you don’t feel connected to anything. When you don’t understand what happens when you’re depressed and you listen to everything your depressed mind says, you can cause havoc in your relationship.

The most obvious and pervasive example is the frequent, daily question, “How are you?

” It is a social convention to greet friends, strangers, and acquaintances with this question.

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